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We have been the leader in our industry since 1998 and support the highest payouts. You will be able to use our administrative system to grow your wealth exponentially.
Our top marketing partner earns over $30,000/month and has supported us since 2009. Anyone can earn affiliate commission in the $1,000’s from an industry that has seen sales
over $980 Billion (2013) annually and expected to surpass $1 trillion in 2014 and climbing over the next few years.

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About Us

Our company has been based in Tempe, Arizona since the beginning. We have a comfortable looking office that makes us focus better on maintaining structure and improving process. There is almost 2 dozen staff that ensures the success of our company. We support several professional offices remotely and have a high degree of synergy that enables orders and services to flow like clockwork.

Our Story

We started marketing a product in 1998 and combined it with a much needed service online.

Ever since the start, we have made a big impact on people’s lives. We supported something that had never been done before and improved the health and quality of life for both Men and Women all over the world.

Our primary business model is mostly all USA based and we have built and shaped the way our industry thrives through ecommerce.

Our Philosophy

We help men reclaim their prime and achieve the healthy lifestyle they aspire to!

Jerry R
Jerry R. Affilite Manager

Our Customer Demographics

Men 60+
Men 50 - 59
Men 40 - 49
Men 25 - 39
Current Customer Base
Years in Business
Total Orders Placed
Potential U.S. Customers

Affiliate Requirements

The ideal affiliate web site will have a long standing presence in their industry or genre. Our target audience is men between the ages of 25 to 70 years of age. If you have a high traffic web site with this target audience, find out how to earn significant affiliate dollars promoting the consumer driven pharmaceutical industry. Growth has grown considerably since 1998 when we started marketing our products and services. There will always be opportunity for highly successful marketing partners. The most productive web site categories would be; Medical, Health and Wellness, Automotive, Sports, Hunting, Firearms, Senior Citizen & Mature Community Lifestyles, Adult Novelties and other predominately older Men’s based web sites. Send us an e-mail to find out more about our affiliate program.


Medical Symptom & Diagnosis, Medical Supply, Pharmaceuticals...

Health & Wellness

Men's Fitness, Bodybuilding, Diet, Nutrition, Supplements...

Sex & Relationships

Adult, Sex Toys, Dating, Advice...

Sports & Recreation

Golf, Football, Baseball, Fantasy Sports, Hunting and Guns, Outdoors Sportsman, Racing, Gambling...

Mens Lifestyle

Political, Entertainment, Travel, Food, Music, Movies, Automotive, Motorcycle, Cigar, Retirement...

Your Target Demographics

Men Age 25 - 70, Baby Boomers, AARP, Veterans...

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